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Host an IF:Local Event

Event Sizes

All Packages Include:

  • Digital Access to IF:Gathering 2020 (HD), includes download capabilities
  • IF:Gathering registration system
  • Hub of IF:Local resources to help host your event
  • Customer support from the IF:Gathering team
  • Child Sponsorship materials from Compassion International
  • Small Group

    A gathering that anticipates less than 10 attendees.

    $50 Military: $25.00

  • Small Event

    A gathering that anticipates 10-25 attendees.

    $150 Military: $75.00

  • Medium Event

    A gathering that anticipates 26-50 attendees.

    $375 Military: $187.50

  • Large Event

    A gathering that anticipates more than 50 attendees.

    $750 Military: $375.00


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